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Domain Registration

Much like a physical address, a domain name is the address of your website. Visitors can type your domain name into the address bar and directed to your website; the same as using your physical address to arrive at your place of business.

Domain also server as ann emailing address. You could set up and business email address with your domain and allow others to send emails to that email address. This email will arrive in your inbox.

A domain usually consists of a word or group of words used to identify your website uniquely. Domain names come with hundreds of different extensions, such as .com, .sydney and .melbounre. Finding a good domain name is getting harder, call us today and let us help you find a creative and brandable domain name.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is critical in your website performance and SEO ranking. There are lots of hosting packages from tons of website hosting companies’ online. You can find a cheap hosting package, especially form a hosting provider in the US. When you use one of this hosting company, you are typically sharing the hosting platform with thousands of other users on, and if one site is hacked, then it affects all of the thousands of sites on that server.

When you host your website with OZWD, we have a dedicated server in Sydney data centre, with 24 hours monitoring, Australian local technical support, added security and daily backups. The best part is the server is only catering the 300 sites that we developed and managed. All sites are regularly updated and secured, besides we are using the industry-leading hosting management software, and users on the server are virtualised to their own file systems, preventing any individual user from seeing any other users on the server. So you are double secured and safe.

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